For now, this page serves as some insight on this website and its forthcoming changes.

**Latest: 07.Apr.13 – Been a hell of a time since..

15.Mar.12 – New year. New machine. Finally back at it.

23.Oct.11 – Someone needs a new hard drive.

05.Sept.11 – Making progress in the "WHIPS" subdomain. Layout is solid in multiple browsers and mobile. First of three car subsections is done. Next is to convert and tidy up the other two car subsections. Afterward, some final header work and I can make the updated WHIPS subdomain live and work on the "FUN" subdomain's layout. Once done with FUN, I can label the site v0.65 based on the game plan below.

FLIPSTA.com v0.5

Since 1996, I built webpages with collections of pics of cars, and eventually, stories of my own cars, using my college account. I soon ran out of space, and purchased the FLIPSTA.com domain. When built, this site was more of a backup plan, than a planned site. [The current] Version 0.5 is essentially built with frames and tables and remains in its 2001 state, with small layout updates through 2004. Since then, only content has been updated, and other subdomains have come and gone. (Like whereis.flipsta.com)

On the surface, in 2011, the site appears small, but there are well over 100 pages that each need a wealth of updating. Because of this, the udpates will initially be slow as I try to keep the original content and the years worth of outside connections to images and pages, intact.

The updates will happen in small steps after the major layout overhaul. The first step's a doozy! From there, old content will be updated, bells, whistles, new content added, and finally a full facelift. I will update the game plan below, as the process goes on.

The v1.0 Game Plan

Ultimately, you'd know the site is in it's full v1.0 when you see the home page completely renovated.